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Venture capital support in the Philippines and across the region.

We will review, draft and negotiate the full spectrum of documents needed to effectively execute a venture capital funding round, while also helping to project manage the various work streams required to get deals over the line.

Company secretary in Hong Kong

Get all the support you need to navigate a Philippines investment.

Process management

We ensure that your project goes through the correct processes and sequences of registrations and compliance demands.

Documentation drafting

We draft and maintain all the required documentation to take you through negotiations to completed agreements with legal surety and confidentiality.

Compliance support

Our legal and financial experts take great care to remain proactive in helping you to anticipate and comply with all legal and financial regulations.

Venture capital support

Providing essential VC support.

Our VC support services.

    • Drafting investment documentation

      Drafting and negotiating funding round documents for VC firms, angel investors, investee companies and Alternative Investment Funds. This includes term sheets, subscription letters, investment agreements, shareholders’ agreements, SAFEs, convertible notes, co-sale and investor rights agreements, preferred equity agreements, ROFRs, management rights letters, and private placement memoranda.

    • Investment process management

      Project managing the investment process, including: auditing, compiling and distributing fundraising documentation; verifying investor documents and carrying out the necessary anti-money laundering and KYC checks; managing the signing/closing process; and maintaining investor records.

      Cap table management, including compiling, updating and maintaining cap tables before, during and after funding rounds.

    • SEC compliance support

      Supporting compliance with any applicable laws, rules and regulations, for example by helping businesses to create SEC-mandated compliance manuals, drafting codes of ethics, assisting in development of cybersecurity policies, preparing compliance attestations, helping to properly administer VC funds, assisting with quarterly and annual financial filings, carrying out securities filings, drafting and submitting ADV declarations, and advising on specific compliance obligations under financial disclosure laws.

    • Consulting on investor decks

      Creating and consulting on pitch decks and other elements of investor proposals, including sourcing input from financial experts on the substantive content, as well as input on the structure and design of any materials produced.

    • Legal support

      We offer legal support across the full spectrum of venture capital processes and transactions, including due diligence, drafting and negotiating subscription letters, SHAs, investment agreements and options agreements. For more information on the broad range of legal support services we can offer, visit our Legal Support Services page.

    • Financial modelling and analyses

      We can provide business valuation and financial modeling services, including detailed financial analyses of acquisition targets (including analyses of profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cash flow forecasts, financial models and more), targeted industry research and many of the other time-consuming tasks that typically form part of the venture capital process.

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