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US pharma client.

Our client is a rapidly growing California-based pharma company that has achieved 2 successful investment rounds within a 14-month period.
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    Investment round support


Our client is a rapidly growing California-based pharma company that has achieved two successful investment rounds within a 14-month period with the help of Acclime’s legal and finance support.


Due to a tight deadline and limited resources, our client required assistance in drafting, verifying, and circulating documents related to the investment rounds to investors. Our small but efficient legal and finance team was ideal for efficient preparation, distribution, and collection of the necessary investment documentation


Acclime Philippines provided a team of experienced legal assistants and lawyers to provide legal support services and augment the client’s bandwidth.

Acclime Philippines was tasked to customize documents for each of the 115 individual and entity investors. Data handled included personal information of the investor, investment amounts, actual stock ownership, and their corresponding percentage ownership.

Upon thorough verification and quality control, Acclime Philippines was also responsible for circulation of the documents to all investors for signature collection, after which all executed files were organized and uploaded in a secure cloud database for the client.

Our company has worked with Acclime Philippines on a number of important and time sensitive projects, in particular two of our recent private placement financings. Acclime Philippines did extensive work on our investment presentations and private placement memorandums. Not only did Acclime Philippines deliver a very professional work product, they made the process easy, expeditious and far more cost effective than what we would have spent with a U.S.-based firm.

Chris R., Co-founder & Executive Chairman


Acclime Philippines prepared a total of 230 personalized documents, which were distributed to investors within 48 hours of the client’s request. Given the difference in time zones of the client and Acclime Philippines, the strategic partnership allowed the client to run a machinery with the capacity to work around the clock. 

Within a distribution turnaround of 72 hours, the client received fully executed investor documents and successfully met its quarterly investment projections and raising a total of about $30,000,000. Ultimately, our client spent only 20% of what it would have ordinarily cost them to use a locally-hired legal team.

About our client

Our client is an executive management and holding company based in California specialising in agricultural pharma product. The client controls a significant majority of its supply chain, including cultivation, manufacturing and distribution. Its strong asset base combined with a seasoned management team of highly skilled industry and retail professionals establishes a strong foundation from which the company will continue to strategically expand its retail footprint and brand portfolio.

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