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Register your company
in the Philippines.

With our business registration services, we can help you register all types of business structures in the Philippines and can advise of the most appropriate structure to achieve your business objectives.

Company registration in Singapore

Start your dream business in the Philippines with confidence.

Expert guidance

Let us support you throughout the entire company registration process with ease. With our years of experience, we will be by your side to give advice and answer any questions you have.

Fast processing

Get your business and up and running in less than a week with our time-saving processing.

Transparent pricing

Request a quote and get a clear picture of your costs before you start with our upfront and affordable pricing. No hidden fees around the corner.

Company formation options

Select the best structure for your business.

We can reliably help you with the process of registering a new company in the Philippines, whether you are expanding from overseas or are a local resident. There are several structures you can choose from. The most popular are:

Representative office.

Ideal for foreign companies seeking to study the market in the Philippines for research and business development purposes.

  • Non-trading entity
  • 1 Resident Agent
  • Capital USD30,000 p.a.
  • Restricted in activities
  • Registered office address
  • 6-10 weeks setup

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Private limited company.

A Domestic Corporation is ideal for most local and foreign entities as it offers limited liability and allows flexibility.

  • Trading entity
  • 2+ shareholders, corporate secretary & treasurer
  • USD 100 or USD 200,000 if >40% foreign owned
  • Some activities restricted if foreign owned
  • Registered office address
  • 2-3 months complete setup

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Branch office.

A solution for foreign companies wishing to establish in the Philippines to expand existing operations of the head office.

  • Trading entity
  • 1 Resident Agent
  • USD 200,000
  • Restricted to activities of HO
  • Registered office address
  • 2-3 months complete setup

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Unsure about which structure is right for you?

Get a clear picture of starting your company in the Philippines by scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with us. We can advise you on anything from the optimal business structure, capital investment, full foreign ownership options to shareholder requirements and more.

Foreign business ownership

Own and control 100% of your company as a foreigner.

The Philippines does not place many restrictions on foreigners owning a company, however there is a local resident Corporate Secretary & Treasurer requirement, plus the majority shareholder(s) must be resident in the Philippines. Foreign entities can efficiently operate their Phlippines offshore limited company from overseas, but the President of the company must be listed as a Director.

Company registration steps

Simple steps to setting up your new business.

1. Select your structure and additional company services

Select a suitable business structure (either by yourself or with our help) and any other services that you need, such as bookkeeping, tax compliance or a company secretary. Next, we will send you an electronic questionnaire to collect essential information about your future business, such as shareholder, director details, proposed business activity, etc. and will request for copies of some documents.

2. We reserve the company name with SEC

We will ask you to provide us with three options for your new company name just in case one of them is not available.

3. We obtain the local clearances

Acclime obtains the required business permits/clearances for your business from the local government unit (LGU) where the company will be located. These include the Barangay Clearance, Mayor’s Permit and Business Permit to Operate.

4. We prepare & file the paperwork with SEC & BIR

We will prepare the documents of incorporation including the constitution of the company. Once all the application documents have been signed by you, we will complete the company registration with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

5. BIR confirms your new business

After the registration with BIR has been completed, we will obtain a Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Registration of Books of Accounts and prepare resolutions for the first Board of Directors’ meeting.

6. Opening a corporate bank account

Your newly registered business will now need to open a bank account. We work closely with several local and international banks and can arrange meetings and prepare all documentation for you. Alternatively, we can just provide you with the Board resolution and other company documents to open the bank account by yourself.

7. Registering employees

If you plan to run your business from Singapore, we can help you apply for an employment pass – allows foreign professionals, managers and executives to work in Singapore.

If you already have employees to start working in the company, we will take care of the registrations for the Social Security System (SSS), Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth) and the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund) as necessary.

8. Obtain work visas for foreign employees

We help you use the newly created company to sponsor and apply for employment visas for any foreign directors or employees

Complete business setup services

Everything you need to start and manage your company in the Philippines.

We provide a full suite of flexible company formation & compliance services, including company registration, document filing with the appropriate authorities, registered office facilities and post-registration compliance. We also provide resident directors and shareholder if needed. They will be backed by legal documents to guarantee that you have ownership and control over your company.

Essential company formation services.

  • Company registration

    We will prepare all the necessary documents and register your business structure with the SEC and BIR.

  • Corporate secretary*

    We will handle all your outstanding company matters, including maintaining statutory books and records, recurring files or secretarial advice.

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  • Registered office*

    A company must have a registered office in the Philippines from the day of incorporation. We also provide a mailing address with mail forwarding services.

  • Director services*

    Private limited companies in the Philippines are required to have at least one local resident director. We can act as your resident director if you cannot meet this requirement.

  • Local agent

    We can act as local agents for foreign companies that are looking forward to setting up a branch office in the Philippines.

*Government requirements

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Additional compliance services.

We also provide one-off and ongoing services to keep your business compliant with all the government requirements.

  • Work permits and visas

    Acclime helps business owners and their staff secure and renew work and other types of visas to maintain a legal presence and peace of mind.

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  • Accounting services

    Meet the local accounting requirements with the help of our monthly, quarterly, annual or ad-hoc accounting services.

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  • Tax services

    Reduce your tax burden and keep track of your tax filings.

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  • HR & payroll services

    We provide payroll outsourcing services for your Philippines business.

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Common questions & answers.

How do I register a business?
You must first register the company name and then obtain the required permits from the Barangay (local government unit) where your business is located. Once that is completed the company must register with the Bureau of Inland Revenue. Then, specific industry licences can be obtained, the bank account can be opened and the staff can be registered with social security.
Are there any restrictions on company names?

When submitting your company name for registration, the SEC will check that the name is distinguishable from other corporate names already registered. You will need to add words to ably distinguish yours from an existing company with a similar name. Using only punctuation, spacing or symbols to distinguish the name will be rejected.

In addtion to registering a name that is clearly distinguishable, the SEC apply the following rules:

  1. If a corporation, the corporate name must contain either of the following words: “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” “Corp.,” or “Inc.”;
  2. If a One Person Corporation, the corporate name must contain the word “OPC” either below or at the end of its corporate name;
  3. If a partnership, the partnership name must contain the word “Company” or “Co.”;
  4. If a limited partnership, the partnership name must contain the word “Limited” or “Ltd.”;
  5. If a professional partnership, the partnership name may bear either of the following words: “Company,” “Associates,” or “Partners,” or other similar descriptions;
  6. If a foundation, the corporate name must use the word “Foundation”;
  7. If a non-stock, non-profit corporation, including non-governmental organizations and foundations engaged in microfinance activities, the corporate name must use the word “Microfinance” or “Microfinancing”; provided, that said corporations shall state in the purpose clause of their Articles of Incorporation that they shall conduct microfinance operations pursuant to Republic Act No. 8425 or the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act;
  8. If an entity engaged in the financing or investment house business, the corporate name can contain the following words: “Finance Company,” “Financing Company,” “Finance and Leasing Company,” and “Leasing Company,” “Investment Company,” “Investment House”;
  9. If a lending company, the corporate name can contain either “Lending Company” or “Lending Investor;
  10. If an entity authorized to operate pawnshop, the corporate name can make use of “Pawnshop”;
  11. If an entity engaged in the banking or trust business, the corporate name can bear any of the following words: “Bank,” “Banking,” “Banker,” “Savings and Loan Association”, “Trust Corporation,” “Trust Company” or words of similar meaning;
  12. If the United Nations and its attached agencies, the words which can be used are “United Nations”, or “UN”;
  13. If entity with licensed warehouse, the corporate name can bear the word “Bonded”;
  14. If corporations authorized to act as special purpose vehicle, the corporate name can make use of “SPV-AMC”;
  15. The name of an international governmental organization, such as “International Criminal Police Organization” (INTERPOL), “International Monetary Fund” (IMF), and “International Labour Organization” (ILO) may not be used as part of a corporate or partnership name unless when duly authorized or allowed by the Commission”; and,
  16. ASEAN (protected under Article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, adopted in 1883 and revised in Stockholm in 1976).


How long does it take to incorporate a private limited company?
The registrations with SEC and Bureau of Inland Revenue (BIR) can be completed relatively quickly. However, the completion of the Local Government (Barangays) permits can take up to eight weeks.
What is the minimum number of shareholders?
It is possible to set up a One Person Corporation (OPC) in the Philippines and maintain limited liability, even for foreigners, although the minimum capital for foreign owned OPC is USD200,000. The most common type of company set-up is a Domestic Corporation, which is a limited liability company that can have between 2 and 15 shareholders.
Are corporate directors permitted?
No. The directors must be natural persons, even if they are resident outside the Philippines.
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Marla Aquino Batallones, Operations Director