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Corporate secretary
in the Philippines.

Stay compliant with the local regulations hassle-free. With our dedicated coporate secretary (corpsec) services, we will professionally handle all your time-consuming administrative tasks, from timely report filing to tracking critical deadlines and more.

Run your business smoothly with
a dedicated corporate secretary.

Guidance at every step

Trust the years of our secretarial experience and let us support you and your business. We have successfully helped and guided a variety of business entities of various sizes, from startups to larger established companies.

Deadline reminders

We are proactively monitoring your compliance requirements and act or notify you in time. You never have to worry about late filings or overdue fees.

Your documents online

Our company secretary service is 100% online. You can sign all necessary paperwork electronically via DocuSign, and the company documents will be securely kept online where you can always view them.

Company secretarial services

Providing and acting as your corporate secretary.

All companies in the Philippines must appoint at least one local corporate secretary who is both a Philippines national and resident in the Philippines. The secretary is responsible for handling on-going statutory compliance matters and ensuring the company is compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Essential corporate secretary service.

  • Provision of a named corporate secretary (corpsec)

    This includes all mandatory annual procedures. As your named corporate secretary, we will:

    • Safe custody of the company’s books, records and the company seal/chop (if any)
    • Maintaining annual filing of statutory forms with the SEC and Barangays (local government units) and ensuring all fees are submitted correctly and on time
    • Arranging the Annual General Meeting of the company, including sending out required notices to Shareholders.
    • Preparation of minutes and resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting of the company
Single annual fee

Additional ad-hoc secretary services.

From time to time, especially when your company undergoes changes, you may also need some of our ad-hoc secretary services:

  • Preparation of board meetings other than the AGM
    • Preparation of director’s resolutions
    • Distributing company’s financial reports
    • Preparation of meeting agenda
    • Attendance and taking of meeting minutes
    • Communicating with the shareholders
  • Filing of company changes and other statutory returns with ACRA
    • Appointment or resignation of company officers
    • Update of particulars of company officers and shareholders
    • Amendments to the company constitution
    • Share allotments, share transfers, capital reduction, subdivision or consolidation of shares
    • Assistance with due diligence on any new shareholders investing in the company
    • Changes in company name, principal activities
    • Notifying ACRA of any charges over assets entered into by the company
    • Monitor filing deadlines of the statutory returns with ACRA
  • Maintenance and upkeep of statutory registers
    • Filing of signed Board Resolutions
    • Maintenance of minutes books (AGMs and EGMs) and various registers
    • Issue of share certificates
  • Other roles and services
    • Providing resolutions of the company for corporate actions such as opening a bank account, entering into contracts with suppliers and customers, changing office holders etc.
    • Providing information and guidance on any relevant changes in statutory law
    • Arranging for certification, notarisation and legalisation of documents
    • Assistance with companies’ striking off applications to SEC and de-registration of branches
    • Conversion of business entities
    • Stamping of documents
Single one-off fee

Overview of requirements for starting a company.

At least 1 shareholder

A resident director

A company secretary

Address in Singapore

At least $1 in capital


Common questions & answers.

What are the essential prerequisites of a corporate secretary?
A named and registered Corporate Secretary within a company is essential under Philippines law. The role can only be filled by Filipinos who are both a citizen and a resident, which reflects the importance the authorities place on the role in maintaining good corporate governance. This strict requirement of appointing an individual who is both a Filipino national and resident for the role of Corporate Secretary remains unchanged despite the recent removal of requirement that the majority of incorporators (founders, or proposers) be Fillipino.
What does a corporate secretary do?

A corporate secretary will handle all the legal documentation and compliance, and these also include:

  • Updating the company information (e.g., address, shareholding, and auditors) with the SEC and Barangay
  • Preparing and filing compliance documents (e.g., annual returns and AGM documents)
  • Setting up and maintaining a company secretarial box where to keep documents on file
  • Government compliance filings
  • Company de-registration
Are the documents available for public inspection?
For private limited companies, documents such as accounts, debentures, names of directors, share capital, and particulars of any legal charges are not open to public inspection. However, some documents are available for inspection to shareholders.
Where will the board meetings of directors have to be held?
Board meetings are held monthly, and can be conducted inside or outside the Philippines. It is also possible under the Revised Corporate Code (2019) for distant Board members to join the meeting by video conferencing.
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Marla Aquino Batallones, Operations Director