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HR & payroll guides.

Incorporation vs using an employer of record (EoR) in the Philippines

Explore the pros and cons of incorporation in the Philippines vs contracting an employer of record in this comprehensive international expansion guide.

Understanding labour laws and employment regulations in the Philippines

Learn about Philippine labour laws and employment regulations, including key provisions, social security, benefits, and more.

Full-time employee costs breakdown in the Philippines

Gain an understanding of the true costs of hiring and maintaining a full-time employee in the Philippines.

How to convert contractors to employees in the Philippines

A step-by-step guide for businesses in the Philippines to convert their contract workers to employees, with or without a legal entity.

How to terminate employees in the Philippines

Learn about effective and legal employment termination in the Philippines: the justifications, responsibilities, procedures, and compensations.

How to hire employees in the Philippines

Explore the two main ways of hiring employees and learn all you need to know about Philippines employment law, contracts & hiring practices.

Working visa requirements for foreign employees in the Philippines

Companies wishing to employ foreign nationals in the Philippines must obtain the necessary visa and work permit for their staff.