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Employment solutions
in the Philippines.

Expand into the Philippines by using our virtual assistants to help you take the first steps in exploring the market. Our dedicated staff will professionally represent your company without you needing to incorporate just yet.

Banking & treasury services in China

Fulfill your staffing needs in the Philippines through Acclime’s team.

You can start your expansion into the Philippines from afar by suggesting the staff you need to break ground locally, and we will provide a decicated team prior to incorporating your business. Acclime’s employment solution frees you of the costly and time-consuming need for incorporation while you are exploring the opportunity and waiting for your business case to prove itself.

Acclime provides comprehensive and competent virtual assistant services, allowing you to outsource employment until you are ready for the next step.

Move forward

Our qualified and experienced team helps you launch your business in the Philippines. While Acclime is the official employer of record, your team is available to work on your business expansion as required.

Be efficient

Provide us with your employee needs, and we will identify our team members who will best meet them. As your staff are Acclime employees, on our payroll, your HR tasks are substantially reduced.

Build a partnership

When you are eventually ready to employ directly, our HR-team can assist in posting job descriptions, interviewing on your behalf and assisting with the on-boarding process.

Virtual employment solutions in the Philippines

Everything you need to build your team in the Philippines from afar.

Acclime’s employment solutions help you to enter the Philippines market without the immediate need to commit to creating a legal entity here. No matter how big or sophisticated your team needs to be, Acclime’s professional and complete employment services provide an ideal first step to expansion.

Essential employment services.

  • Engage professional and experienced staff for your Philippines business or projects
  • Organise the initial payroll setup, including salary calculation, local labor contract, staff handbook, etc.
  • Pay out approved monthly salaries to staff using whatever policy you wish to implement (E.g., net or gross, taxable or non-taxable income, recurring or non-recurring payments).
  • Organise and pay all required social insurance contributions and personal income tax
  • Handle monthly reimbursements.
  • Process work visas and other immigration matters for foreign employees

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Common questions.

What are salary expectations in Manila?
The average annual salary for an operations or project manager is currently around USD 16,000. An HR manager’s average is around USD 10,000 and a customer services representative USD 5,000.
Is overtime paid?
The normal working hours are eight hours per day. Any work in excess of eight hours a day is entitled to an overtime pay of 1.25 times the normal rate, although this increases on a rest day or holiday. The overtime rate does not apply to management staff.
Is there a 13th month bonus system?
All “rank-and-file” employees are entitled to a bonus called “13th month pay.” This is payable to all staff and must be at least 1/12 of the total basic salary for the year. The latest day for payment of the 13th month salary is the 24 December.
Is there an employer contribution to social security?
An employer in the Philippines and its employees are required to join and make monthly payments to, the Social Security System (SSS), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) and Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG Fund). The contributions of the employer and its employees are based on the employees’ monthly payment. The employer has the duty to deduct the employees’ contribution from the base salary and file the payment each month.
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Marla Aquino Batallones, Operations Director